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What To Do if your International Shipment is Damaged, Lost, or Stolen

Posted by Alyssa Duarte on May 24, 2022 11:25:39 AM


What Should you Do if your International Shipment is Damaged, Lost, or Stolen (1)

International shipping can seem like a daunting task. It is easy sometimes to think about the worst case scenarios. What do you do when a package is lost, damaged, or stolen? Although it isn’t likely to happen, it is important to remain calm if such a thing does occur. Thankfully, OptimalShip works with our clients to make it right, especially if you insure your package.  

DHL’s Shipment Value Protection 

DHL offers its own insurance program, called Shipment Value Protection. They will cover the full insured value if a package is lost, stolen or damaged. Read our blog on SVP here: DHL SHIPMENT VALUE PROTECTION

Lost Shipments

If you are an OptimalShip client, please always reach out to us, if you believe your package is lost. We will initiate the search and claim process on your behalf. DHL will do everything they can to locate any missing shipments. First, they will open an investigation and conduct searches at their warehouses/stations. They will often ask for descriptions of the package and it's contents. If you can provide pictures, that is most helpful. The DHL Claims Department will ask you to provide pictures of the lost commodities. They will also need the final invoice for the shipment to confirm the declared value. *

Damaged Shipments

If you are an OptimalShip client, please always reach out to us, if your package is damaged.  We will initiate the claim process on your behalf. You can also file a claim with DHL if your commodities are damaged in transit. This is where shipment value protection can be an asset. If you did not opt for insurance when the shipping labels were created, DHL will still cover up to $11.34 per pound or cover your declared value; whichever is lower. If your declared value is very high, we recommend that you send your shipment with the added insurance protection. *

The DHL Claims Department will require the following:

  • Pictures of the inner and outer packaging
  • The final invoice proving the declared value
  • Pictures of the damaged product
  • A statement of non-reparability or reparability

You can obtain a statement from a repair technician that explains if the product is repairable. If the product is repairable, DHL will ask you to obtain a quote for that cost. They will cover the cost of the repair up to the amount for which it was insured. 


Stolen Shipments

DHL considers service to be complete after a shipment has been delivered to its receiver. If a shipment is stolen after the delivery occurs, DHL is not liable. However, if you select the Direct Signature delivery service and DHL fails to collect the signature, resulting in the package being stolen, a claim may be filed. A stolen shipment claim is similar to a lost shipment claim. DHL will require pictures of the lost commodities and the final invoice to confirm the declared value.

*We Can Help

*Only the party responsible for covering the freight of the shipment may open up a complete claim. If the other party (usually the receiving party) files a claim, they are only eligible to receive reimbursement for the commodities. Whereas the paying party may receive credit for the freight cost and the product cost.

The great news is that OptimalShip handles all of this for our clients. We have a Support Team in office that solely handles claims and disputes. We aim to make it as easy as possible for you to get the reimbursement that you deserve. Most likely, you will never need to file a claim or dispute with DHL. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge of what to do if you ever find yourself needing to file a claim or dispute. We are always happy to answer any questions that you may have and assist you in this process. We are here to help make the entire shipping process as easy as possible.

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