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The 15 Tiniest Countries Where You Can Ship a Package with OptimalShip

Posted by L. Thompson on Nov 27, 2018 6:15:00 AM


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From less than 1 square mile to 278 square miles, each of the smallest countries OptimalShip ship delivers to is remarkably smaller than the size of New York City. Although small in area, all of these countries have their own government and their own culture and customs. While undoubtedly cozy and arguably adorable, these 15 tiny countries are also some of the most intriguing and remote countries in the world.

Here is a look at the 15 tiniest countries we ship to, including location, area, and a “tiny” fact for each country. Have you recently shipped to any of these countries?

1. Monaco


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Location: Western Europe, on the southern coast of France, bordering the Mediterranean Sea

Area: 0.8 square miles

Tiny Fact: Monaco is a popular tourist destination for wealthy tourists due to its casinos and pleasant climate.

2. Nauru


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Location: Oceania, island in the South Pacific Ocean

Area: 8.1 square miles

Tiny Fact: The Nauruan language does not resemble any other language in the Pacific region.

3. Tuvalu


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Location: Oceania, islands consisting of nine coral atolls, or ring-shaped coral reefs, in the South Pacific Ocean

Area: 10.0 square miles

Tiny Fact: Tuvalu leased its Internet domain “.tv” for $50 million in royalties over a 12-year period in 2000. Since then the agreement was renegotiated but details have not been disclosed.

4. Liechtenstein


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Location: Central Europe, between Austria and Switzerland

Area: 61.8 square miles

Tiny Fact: Liechtenstein became fully independent in 1866 when the German Confederation dissolved, of which Liechtenstein was a member for 51 years

5. Marshall Islands


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Location: Oceania, two archipelagic island chains of 29 atolls (ring-shaped coral reefs) made up of islets and five single islands in the North Pacific Ocean

Area: 70.1 square miles

Tiny Fact: In 1986, the Marshall Islands became an independent country under the Compact of Free Association, after almost 40 years under the UN Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.

6. Saint Kitts and Nevis


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Location: Caribbean, two islands between Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobego

Area: 100.8 square miles

Tiny Fact: Nevis continues to try to separate from Saint Kitts. In fact, they had a largely unsuccessful attempt to do so in 1998.

7. Maldives


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Location: Southern Asia, group of atolls in the Indian Ocean

Area: 115.1 square miles

Tiny Fact: Maldives is the smallest Asian country in the world, by area and population.

8. Malta


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Location: Southern Europe, islands in the Mediterranean Sea

Area: 122.0 square miles

Tiny Fact: Malta has some of the oldest megalithic sites, or prehistoric archaeological sites, in the world.

9. Grenada


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Location: Caribbean, island between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean

Area: 132.8 square miles

Tiny Fact: When Columbus stumbled upon the island in 1498, Carib Indians inhabited Grenada.

10. Barbados


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Location: Caribbean, island in the North Atlantic Ocean

Area: 166.4 square miles

Tiny Fact: During the 1990’s, tourism and manufacturing took over as Barbados’ main industries. Prior to this, Barbados’ main industry was sugar production.

11. Barbuda and Antigua


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Location: Caribbean, two islands between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean

Area: 169.9 square miles

Tiny Fact: Hurricane Irma (September 6, 2017) destroyed almost all structures and vegetation on Barbuda, but Antigua was spared the worst damage.

12. Seychelles


Screenshot 2018-09-27 17.12.21


Location: Archipelago in the Indian Ocean

Area: 177.2 square miles

Tiny Fact: Seychelles and Mauritius both claim the Chagos Islands (currently a UK-administered British Indian Ocean Territory).

13. Andorra


Screenshot 2018-09-27 17.12.34


Location: Southwestern Europe, Pyrenees mountains, on the border between France and Spain

Area: 180.6 square miles

Tiny Fact: Although not a member of the European Union, Andorra uses the euro for its national currency.

14. Saint Lucia


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Location: Caribbean, island between the Caribbean Sean and North Atlantic Ocean

Area: 238.2 square miles

Tiny Fact: This island was highly contested between England and France; it changed possession 14 times throughout the 17th and early 18th century.

15. Singapore


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Location: Southeastern Asia, islands between Malaysia and Indonesia

Area: 278.0 square miles

Tiny Fact: Singapore as a successful free-market economy with per capita GDP equal to that of the leading nations in Western Europe.

We ship to each of these 15 tiny countries, and to over 120,000 destinations.

We love the world and connecting people and businesses via international shipping. we hope you enjoyed reading about our tiniest destinations! Where's the smallest country where you have shipped or visited?


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