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Should You Offer Free Shipping to Your Customers?

Posted by K. Sterrett on May 23, 2019 10:12:00 AM

Should I offer free shipping_

If you need more business, it’s likely that you’ve thought about offering free shipping to people who buy your merchandise, especially if you don’t have a storefront. It's become an increasingly demanded and popular option for customers. Amazon does it, Walmart does it, and even DollarTree offers it for shipments sent to your closest store.

Offering free shipping to your customers can help you and your customers because it allows for more streamlined pricing, it increases your competitive edge, and it encourages your customers to purchase, rather than being dissuaded at the last minute when they see the additional shipping cost.

Most of the time, offering free shipping can help your business be more profitable in the long run. Customers are beginning to expect free shipping, meaning that offering this benefit will give your business an edge over competitors. Generally, the only reason to not offer free shipping is because it will shrink already small profit margins. If this is not an issue for your company, this may be a great decision for your company. If this is an issue for your company, offering free shipping based on the amount of items purchased can be a way to utilize this marketing tactic without forking over profits. We've made this helpful flow chart to help you decide whether offering free shipping is a good choice for your business. Offering free shipping can be a powerful marketing tool, and we can help make that marketing tool affordable and quick to set up. 


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