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How to Correctly Write an International Address

Posted by Cade Nordgren on May 2, 2022 2:54:31 PM

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All too often a simple error or a missing piece of information in an address can mean that your shipment will be delayed, or, in more extreme cases, never arrive at its destination at all. In this article, we will cover the proper way to format an international address to ensure that this does not happen to you.

International Address Variations

International addresses often have a similar format to that of an American domestic address, but with some minor differences that are easy to mistake or not notice. You need to be aware of these nuances since any mistake could hinder your shipment. Below are some examples of address format variations that you could see.


Examples for Reference:

In the United States:


123 JOHN RD SE #2 (Street number, street name, other info)

MIAMI FL 01234 (City, state, postal code)


In France, where the address is written in the bottom right corner of the envelope:

                JOHN DOE (Name)

                25 RUE DE L EGLISE (Street number, street name)

                33380 MIOS (Postal code, city)

                FRANCE (Country)


In Mexico, an address is written:

                SRA OTILIA RAMOS PEREZ (Name)

                URION 30 (Street name, street number)

                COL. TLATILCO (Name of quarter)

                02860 MEXICO, CDMX (Postal code, locality name, abbreviated name of providence)

                MEXICO (Country)


In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), deliveries are only made to PO boxes, address are written:

                OMAR HUSSAIN (Name)

                PO BOX 1234 (PO Box number)

                DUBAI (City or Emirate name)

                UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (Country)


How to Find the Proper Address Format

No one wants their shipments and packages to be delayed or lost, and we understand it can sometimes be a struggle to correctly write an address.

Contact a Specialist

This is one of the areas where OptimalShip excels. Our highly trained customer service representatives create shipping labels going to a variety of different countries every day and are accustomed to the nuances of international addresses. They can help you format your address correctly, to make sure your shipment gets to where it should be going!

Use an Online Tool

The Universal Postal Union’s online directory of international address formats is another great tool for looking up address formats., though it can be tricky to find the right spot for looking these up.

To find the correct address formatting for your needs, simply follow these steps:

  • Click this link for the online directory prep shipment
  • Scroll down to the bolded subheading “Postal addressing systems in member countries and/or territories"
  • Use the drop-down menu to choose the destination country
  • Click the “download” button to open a new browser tab containing examples and instructions on how to correctly format an address for the chosen country

Now that you know that not all addresses are the same and the importance of finding the correct format; you can now feel more confident shipping internationally If you are still struggling to find the right format, or if you would like a second option, contact us here at OptimalShip! We would love to help you make sure that your package arrives on time and to the right location.

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